Thumbs Up by CSA Delegates to New 2-Year EA

  • 27 September 2017

A new two-year enterprise agreement (EA) covering Western Australia's 40,000 state public sector workers which provides preference for permanent employment over fixed term, casual, labour hire and contract for service engagement has received in-principle agreement from CPSU/CSA delegates.  The in-principle agreement provides a $1,000 pay rise effective from June 13, 2017, and a second $1,000 pay rise scheduled for June 13, 2018 as well as 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave, stronger redundancy and redeployment clauses and more transparency on the use of fixed term contracts and labour hire.  The government has agreed to monitor workload and conduct workload surveys jointly with the union; and to provide detailed information on the use of labour hire and fixed term contracts.  The proposed new agreement will now go to members for a vote.