Chapter C Rule Changes

  • 13 November 2017

Our SPSF Group totally rewrote our governance rulebook in 2015 which is Chapter C of the Community and Public Sector Union rules.  Since that time; CPSU/SPSF has held elections for Branch and Federal Officers, there have been changes to the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 , and we've become aware of some typographical errors and grammatical issues which need correction.  These circumstances have necessitated changes to the rules.  On 8 November 2017 CPSU/SPSF filed an notice of particulars, s159 and reg 126, and a declaration of Karen Batt in support of the alterations with the Fair Work Commission.  Members can access the Notice of Particulars of each of the proposed alterations.  If any member wishes to examine the other documents lodged please contact Mark Perica and he will forward the documents to you