Ensuring Integrity is off the agenda

  • 27 May 2020

Two Prime Ministers and three Industrial Relations Ministers tried to pass it and yesterday they finally stopped. Thanks to our efforts Ensuring Integrity is off the agenda. Working people in Australia have had the threat of the so called “Ensuring Integrity” Bill hanging over our heads, threatening to break up our unions, to strip away our democratic rights and make it harder to win secure jobs and fair pay. As of yesterday that threat is gone.

Not only did you beat back every attempt to make it law in the parliament, you have shown the Government throughout the pandemic that Australia only works because of working people. Yesterday’s announcement that the union bashing bill has been withdrawn provides us an opportunity to focus on the real issues faced by working people. Secure jobs, fair pay and safe workplaces.

See our 8 point plan to rebuild jobs and the economy here. We will keep ensuring that your voice is heard by Government and that the rebuilding of Australia after the pandemic recognises the need for more secure jobs, rising wages and workplaces that are safe from COVID-19.

In solidarity, 

Sally McManus
Australian Council of Trade Unions