Australia needs a National Jobs Plan

  • 6 July 2020

Australia’s rate of unemployment is going up, and FAST!  That's why are we launching a National Jobs Plan.  We know young people, women, and workers in rural and regional Australia are being hit the hardest. Without a plan that addresses the issues of job insecurity, inequality and record-low wage growth, unemployment is likely to get worse.

Australian Unions will be launching a National Jobs Plan at the National Press Club, on Wednesday, 15th July.  At the National Press Club I will outline the plan, which focuses on three core areas:

  • Creating jobs
  • Stimulating the economy
  • And getting us all back to work

We need to make sure as many people as possible hear our positive plan for secure job creation.

That’s why this week we will be kicking off our National Jobs Plan with a national television ad broadcast.

You can watch the ad here (you’re getting it before anyone else). 

We are launching the plan next week and we will send you the National Jobs Plan so keep an eye on your inbox.

Thanks for your continued support.


Michele O’Neil

Australian Council of Trade Unions