SASS Team at Shoalhaven High Win National Award

  • 1 September 2020

Congratulations to the SASS Team at Shoalhaven High School NSW who are our winners of the CPSU (SPSF) School Support Staff Awards for 2020. CPSU's school support staff awards were created to recognise the contribution of our school support staff members to their school community. The award is for a school support team that best demonstrates the union values of fairness, equality, and opportunity in the community. The SASS team at Shoalhaven High School was nominated for their continued work supporting and providing stability for their school community. Through fires, floods, and COVID-19, the SASS team has played a vital role in ensuring high quality education for students whether it be at school or at home. In addition, members of the team are involved with CPSU (PSA - NSW) through vocational advisory groups and by holding workplace get-togethers to discuss and resolve any issues.  The team of more than 30 staff are described as forming the cornerstone of their school community and are deserved recipients of this award.


Hellyer College Tasmania Administration Team. The Hellyer College Admin Team can together achieve anything and are the heart of the College. Nothing is a challenge that can't be overcome. This is evident especially in recent Covid-19 times involving timetable changes and school closures on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Our team gave up their precious holiday time to ensure our College community, Parents, Staff and Students remained informed and supported. They all go above and beyond what is expected of them and are always willing to offer support to anyone that needs it. It is always a pleasure to come into work knowing we have this supportive and friendly environment.

Comet Bay College W.A.  Joycelyn Smith School Support Officer.  Joycelyn is being nominated for the School Support Staff awards to acknowledge the fantastic work she is doing as a CPSU/ CSA Delegate and School Support Officer at Comet Bay College. Her journey as a delegate has been relatively recent one. However, in her first year, she has shown a strong commitment to promoting union values in her workplace, an eagerness to learn and commitment to sharing knowledge with her colleagues. Joycelyn’s caring nature, positive attitude and activism has been so important throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic. She and her fellow school support staff work tirelessly in the delivery of essential services through constantly changing and uncertain times. Joycelyn has strongly advocated for the safety of her colleagues and students by working with management in the COVID safe planning for her school and the promotion of work health and safety. Joycelyn plays a supportive role for her peers as she provides opportunities to share experiences and look after each other in challenging times. She aims to create a culture of respect and inclusion within her school community. Modelling this behaviour, she displays open, honest communication and treats all with dignity. Her colleagues have noted their trust in her and appreciation of her efforts. In collaboration with other delegates Joycelyn has organised workplace meetings and lunch & learn forums involving members and union staff.  She has helped grow our union through membership, represented member interests during consultations with the Department and been a leader in her workplace. Humble in her achievements, Joycelyn packs in these and much more activities while performing her front-line role as a School Support Officer within a large and bustling school community. When she is not assisting students, supporting colleagues, or sharing unions wins, you may find her updating the CPSU/ CSA notice board in the staff room.

Thank you everyone for participating and please send through any feedback you might have for the 2021 awards!