Submission to Standing Committee on Health

  • 20 March 2015

CPSU's submission to the Standing Committee on Health Inquiry into Hepatits C in Australia serves to explain the concerns and opposition to any proposal to introduce a needle and syringe exchange program into our prisons.  CPSU members in prisons occupy roles in a work environment unparallelled in respect to the risk of ocupational violence compared to any other across the country.  Our members accept this risk on a daily basis and do all they can to minimise it through effective case management and security strategies at a personal, operational and policy level.  They do so whilst juggling the dual role of their work - ensuring the safety and security of those incarcerated in, visiting or working within the prison, whilst also attempting to provide an environment that in some ways facilitates rehabilitation. Any proposal of a needle and syringe exchange program represents one step too far away from the protection of those in the correctional system in what our members consider is already a delicate balance.