Carillion Collapse a Warning

  • 2 February 2018

“The collapse of Carillion in the UK should be seen as a warning to Governments of all jurisdictions to place a moratorium on the current obsession with outsourcing and privatising public sector work.  It's not just the collapse of one company and its impact on the services it was delivering on behalf of Government, but the impact for some 20,000 employees who now have a cloud over their futures, for subcontractors and other providers of services to the prime contractor that are also now in doubt.”

“The impact on the economy is significant in both monetary and social terms, as taxpayers pay for the service twice, once when outsourcing and then again when having to step in to guarantee that the services continue.  Yet the value of what's delivered is often a poor substitute for quality public delivery as companies cut costs in the pursuit of profit and the expense of the services being delivered. “

“It's time to rethink this failed obsession in the interest of the people who elect their Governments to deliver for the community not the corporations.”

Karen Batt