CTR Campaign Kicks Off

  • 17 April 2018

Thousands of workplace delegates from every union in Victoria, including CPSU, gathered inside the Melbourne Town Hall this morning to receive a briefing and take a message to all workplaces that we neeed to change the rules.  If we want fair pay increases, if we want to change the rules so working people get their fair share - we will need to fight for it.  Profits are up, productivity is up, but wage growth is at record lows.  We need new rules to balance the power of big business to bring back the fair go for working people.  It’s time to hit the streets and demand new rules so Australians get fair pay rises and more secure jobs.

There are 25 rallies across the country – find the one nearest you and commit to coming and bringing your friends.

Here is our six point plan to deliver fair pay rises.

  1. Convert the minimum wage into a living wage so no full-time worker lives in poverty. This would deliver an immediate pay increase to 2.3 million people.
  2. End wage theft – make sure our work place laws are changed to working people can recover stolen wages and superannuation and make sure there are disincentives for employers who break the law.
  3. Awards need to move forward with community standards to stop the widening gap between wages in collective agreements and award minimums.
  4. New bargaining rules to give workers more freedom and to make bargaining fairer. Workers should have the option of bargaining across a sector and we need to re-balance the system so it is not stacked in favour of employers.
  5. Restore penalty rates to their pre-July 2017 levels and change the laws to stop governments or employers ever cutting them again.
  6. Secure equal pay for women.

Come and be part of spreading the message. Attend a change the rules rally in your local area.

Order a Change the Rules t-shirt this week, we’ll get it to you in time for the rally in your area.

Australia needs a pay rise and it’s going to take action to get it.

Australian Unions Team