Stop the S.A. Transport Sell-Off

  • 30 May 2019

How much more can the South Australian government cut back and sell off?  Last week, news came through that Steven Marshall and Rob Lucas have our trains and trams in their sights.  With the cost of a single trip train ticket at $5.50 for a short journey into the city, you have to wonder how much more it will cost if the state government sells our public rail transport system to a for-profit multinational. Further, the state government is also looking at privatising the maintenance work carried out by the Department of Transport on traffic lights and other electronic signage and equipment that keeps our roads safe and running smoothly. This will affect hundreds of staff and contractors around the state and lead to safety and travel time issues for road users.

Tell Steven Marshall and Rob Lucas it’s time to STOP privatisation and keep public infrastructure in public hands!  Stop the attack on public services.