Vic Rural After Hours Wins Child Protection Award

  • 16 September 2020

CPSU is happy to announce the winner of the CPSU (SPSF) National Child Protection Delegate Award 2020 is Sue Flatters from Rural After Hours in Victoria. The Child Protection Delegate Awards are held to recognise the contribution of Child Protection Delegates to their field and their union. Members are asked to nominate delegates who are working to make child protection better for their colleagues and the children they protect. Sue was nominated for her tireless work representing Rural After Hours and Division staff during a very stressful period over the past year. Sue has supported a very under siege staff group throughout a recent cultural review and worked to successfully fight for positive changes in her workplace.  In her nomination it was noted that she goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and exemplifies the union values that we look for in a delegate. Thank you everyone for participating.


W.A. Nomination – Anette Bohm

I would like to nominate Anette Bohm for Delegate of the year 2020. To my mind, Anette embodies all that a good, strong delegate/workplace leader should be. Anette is a tireless and dedicated child protection worker who wholeheartedly supports her colleagues to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children and families engaged with the Department. She has been a tireless advocate for her colleagues in Child Protection throughout the past 2 decades. As a delegate she always leads from the front. She is not afraid to ‘say how it is’, and she is always one of the first to put her hand up when a ‘fight’ or action is required to push for changes to improve conditions and resourcing. She is well respected in the Department because she looks to be proactive and offer solutions or alternative strategies to improve outcomes for workers and clients alike.

S.A. Nomination – Jodie Hills

Jodie always puts others first. Easy to talk about your problems without been judged. While I was off sick kept in touch to make sure I was ok. Happy to listen to my hard times and give some general advice when I ask for help. Jodie Hills is an amazing worksite rep in Residential Care as a Youth Worker who is absolutely devoted to the young people she cares for and the well-being of her staff team. Jodie also gives her time to assist with recruitment of new members by attending Residential Care induction with me promoting The PSA and the supports we offer.

VIC Nomination – Sue Flatters (National winner)

Sue is tireless in her representation of the RAHS and division staff. During the recent workplace Cultural Review she was crucial to the review and subsequent  changes being the success that they are for staff. The office was under tremendous stress and the office turnover was steady and relentless. Sue brought the issues to the CPSU and supported a very under siege staff group to participate in the review and subsequent workplace changes. She goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and exemplifies the Union values that we look for in a delegate.  On a daily basis she speaks of the union and the capacity for change that membership can bring about for staff. I believe that Sue deserves this award for her daily support of her colleagues in a very stressful time and into the future.

NSW Nomination – Sue Nichols

Sue is a legend. Sue always is on top of any union matters, keeping members up to date, making sure we have regular communication with our MCS and trying to sort out any local issues immediately. During this pandemic Sue has kept all members informed and has been at the forefront in making sure the workplace is safe and workers are informed of their rights regarding working from home, social distancing, PPE and workloads. Sue always takes time from her busy schedule and her personal time to attend JCC meetings, statewide delegate meetings and has been involved in stop work meetings and protests regarding the abysmal implementation of Child Story.

TAS - Katie Holmstrom

I would like to express my gratitude towards Katie. I believe she deserves a nomination for the way she has been supporting everyone on floor – especially during COVID-19. Often Katie will walk around and chat to everyone to hear their views and support them. Katie provides such a great support to us all and is very approachable in her method. Katie has also gone out of her way to make all the new employees feel welcome and has taught us all. During COVID-19 there has been multiple times here a senior work hasn’t been available to help but Katie will always check in and support in any way she can.