Anti Worker Laws in Senate

  • 14 March 2021

Next week the Senate will vote on whether or not to pass the Morrison Government’s anti-worker laws.  These extreme laws would allow big business and employers to reduce job security and cut wages for millions of workers.  We all need to make sure that every Australian knows about this attempt to punish workers. Last year, politicians like Scott Morrison, and big business executives went around the country declaring that workers were “heroes” for saving Australia from the pandemic. But after lauding workers as heroes, Scott Morrison has banded together with the most extreme corporate executives and big business lobbyists to draft new workplace laws that would remove protections for millions of workers. That’s why we’re putting our campaign advertisement back on air.

Essential workers are heroes. Front line health and aged care workers. Retail and supermarket workers. Delivery workers. Public sector workers, teachers and early childhood educators. Construction workers and more.

Without the heroic efforts and commitment of millions of workers during and after the worst stages of the pandemic, our society and economy would be in dire straits.  Tell Scott Morrison that hurting workers hurts our economy.