Cross Tasman Cooperation on PS Centralised Bargaining

  • 22 March 2022

The next stage of the consolidation of centralised bargaining for NZ Public Service Collective Agreements was the central point of discussions between CPSU/SPSF Federal Secretary Karen Batt and National Secretary of NZ Public Service Association Erin Polczuk when they met over zoom recently. The discussion built on the work the two Secretaries had been engaged in for a number of years about the rebuild of a career public service in NZ with common conditions with a view hopefully of one day having a central agreement applicable to NZ public service overturning years of the neo-liberal agreements the Nationals had imposed on the service.

The model being used as the base for this rebuild was the work the CPSU/SPSF Victorian Branch did following the end of individual contracts of the Kennett Government in the late 1990’s with the rebuilding of a central public service EBA with a state-wide classification structure built on work value.  The work on the EBA centralisation is in addition to the work the Victorian Branch has negotiated with the Andrews Government on the adoption, customisation, and rollout of the NZ Gender Pay Principles that underscore all work value matters in the NZ public service. The recent promulgation of the regulations for the Public Sector Gender Equity Act includes these adopted principles.

These two important pieces of work are an indication of the close working relationship with the NZ PSA and Australia's CPSU SPSF group.

CPSU takes this opportunity to thank Erin Polczuk for her professional guidance and comradeship over nearly 10 years as she has stepped down from her union leadership role to spend more time with her family. Thanks Erin, it's been great working with you.


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