Worst Attack on Workers Seen

  • 31 July 2014
W.A. prison workers vote to support Tas PS workers

Support is building right across the country for Tas government workers who are on the receiving end of the worst attack seen in Australia so far. Tasmanian Public Sector workers’ living standards and their wages now, and in the future, are at stake. The Liberal Government have chosen a shameful abuse of legislative powers to override State Service Agreements and Awards. Bargaining will become a one-sided winner take all system for the Employer as the Tasmanian Government, through legislative change, undermines the entire bargaining system. Cabinet will reduce all headline salary increases to 0% for a period of 12 months from the enactment of legislation. These increases were to be 2% for most employees or $1000 for those on the lowest classifications. Cabinet has further determined it will freeze any incremental progression and performance-based increments. The government will stop workers from meaningfully bargaining for wages after the one year pay and increment freeze. This appears to apply in perpetuity. The government will introduce two separate Bills to achieve its objectives. One creates a new statute to override the current negotiated and agreed salary increases and increments and the other will amend the Industrial Relations Act 1984 to render bargaining on wages meaningless. The government aims to have the Bills through both houses of parliament by October.