Protecting the Public from Predatory Privatisation

  • 3 December 2015
Rosa Pavanelli PSI Secretary with Karen Batt

As a result of the global attacks on Government provision of services and infrastructure, the Public Services International, the global Union Federation of public service unions, called a meeting of all major affiliates across the world, which was held at the AFSCME Offices (US Public Sector Union) in Washington DC in early December 2015.  For the last two days public services' union leaders from across the globe and policy leaders from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. Government led by Treasury, discussed the global push for privatisation, linking unions' national campaigns to regional and global dynamics.  The affiliates attending represent over 10 million public sector workers from Europe, Oceania/Pacific, USA, Latin and Central Americas, Africa and the UK.

Presentation Themes

The presentations from affiliates saw a number of clear themes develop in the approach being taken by Governments and multi-national corporations to creating the scene for, and then moving to, privatise the ownership of infrastructure and the provision of services.

PSI and AFSCME reports on the meeting are available through their social media channels, follow the hashtag #NOoutsourcing and interact via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  The meeting documents are available on the PSI website.  My Report is here